Thursday 19 December 2013

Just Cavalli S'S 14

I thought id share my new love as I was casually browsing on the vogue website (as you do) when I came across the Just Cavalli SS'14 collection, my oh my how I fell i love with the bold prints, cut out dresses and mix match of fabrics! Lets just say this collection makes clashing prints look good!

I must say I have a divine attraction towards all things weird! However this is a "pretty" segment of weird, so it's acceptable, I love the use of tropical prints in unique cut out pieces it provides a diverse range of garments catering to the taste buds of daring fashion forward women! 

Lace + Bold Bright Prints = Fashion Heaven

I have this obsession with sheer and lace fabrics therefore this collection clenches my fashion taste buds. I never thought I would be one to love bright colours, as we previously established my wardrobe consists of black and errr....more black! However I would love to make a fashion investment in this collection.

This collection has a variety of crop and bra tops, by matching it with a long sleeve jacket creates a sporty yet fashion forward look. This collection has been influenced by the sports deluxe trend, although the bright colours and prints make the collection feminine, the shaping of the garments such as ankle trousers, baggy jackets entail a sports theme. The quirky pattern pieces provides women with a new dimension to add into their wardrobe. This runway show was a beautiful colourful collage. I personally love the tailored sports coat, as seen on the far left as when matched with the bright print bra top, it creates a edgy tomboyish look. I also love the laser cut outs within the jacket it provides a new form of decorative technique for SS'14.


The use of combining printed fabrics with decorative materials makes this collection unique. It's safe to say I was correct that geometric prints are going to be big this season, by constructing a mix of patterned fabrics together to create a overall finished piece, allows women who would invest in these products to stand out from the crowd. Even by mix matching different types of machine created lace ontop of plaid checked fabrics, as awkward as it sounds it looks super chic.

The designs in this collection are very playful therefore it caters to daring fashionistas. The continuation of monochrome has been incorporated into this collection through using check ad plaid fabrics to construct geometric prints. It's fair to say sports deluxe goes glam this season, by using simplistic shapes with vivid bright graphic prints, creates a bold arty collection, perhaps targeted at a younger market.

The sports deluxe theme is a key trend for SS'14, with collections entailing a glamorous edge with simple silhouettes. This is my favourite piece from the Just Cavalli SS'14 collection as the embellished graphic ankle trousers paired with the cropped sweater caters to my tomboy needs, I love the use of laser cutting on the sweater as it provides a new decorative design technique to fashion. This collection has a range of innovative designs for women to indulge in, but I guess it's one of these things you either love or hate....what do you think?

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