Sunday 11 June 2017

Oversized Me

They say the bigger the better - and by that they were right. If you don't own an oversized sumin' sumin' by now, that's all about to change. Being a petite girl, I assumed this "massive" trend of everything being over-sized was a little too large for my wardrobe. However, after seeing a recent Missguided campaign, I decided to make an impulse purchase on this white oversized sweatshirt. Whilst browsing, I also came across these sleek silk pin stripe trousers. Cus' you know how it is - if you're gonna wear something OS you need to balance it all out with something a little figure hugging. Turns out this piece makes one hella' cool street style look, dontcha think?

Photography by Habba Heimisdottir

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  1. How To Mix And Match Patterns And Prints In Leisure Wear
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    Wearing clothes with different prints and patterns isn’t exactly an easy task. The elements can easily clash and it may look more like a mess than being stylish. But then, we have seen how models and celebrities strut around fashionably with a blend of patterns and prints, which makes us very curious about how they can pull this off effortlessly. leisure wear

    Even in every New York and Paris Fashion Week, we have seen designers put patterns together and we have watched them make a fashion statement out of the artsy mess. If someone tells you that you’re not supposed to mix your prints, then most probably, their sense of leisure wear style is outdated.

    The thing is, there are simple rules that you should follow if you want to rock this power clashing look seamlessly.

    The Power of Mixing
    Learning this art is like mastering 70s fashion. In that era, the mixing of stripes, florals, graphics, grid prints, and even animal prints are trendy and are not a sin to mix. Nothing says “fashionista” if you have the ability to mix and match patterns without it looking messy. You can even start calling yourself chic and cool–if you have eventually mastered this fashion trick. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can start mixing and matching your patterns for that amped up fashionista look.


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