Tuesday 29 April 2014

Nicole x Missguided

Missguided presents an iconic collaboration with global star Nicole Scherzinger. This collection provides a fresh diverse range of fashion products to cater to the modern fashionistas wardrobe. 

The concept behind the collection : Dare to go bold? 

As a sucessful global superstar, Nicole's style choices influence a vast amount of fashionistas around the world, by encorporating her personal influence into the collection allows the consumers to engage and almost feel part of the fabulous life that she lives. Nicole beleives every fashion follower should have pieces to make them feel confident and stylish. Therefore this collection has been designed in order to satisfy our fashion taste buds whilst remaining at an affordable prices.

The Look Book
The colour palette for these trendy pieces range from monochromes to electric blue. Using decor fabrics such as faux leather and fish netting to add to the stylish elements of these design concepts.

Look 1: The over-sized T shirt with leather trims provides a switch up look into the wardrobe by having an alternative tomboy chic option. 

Look 2: This super sexy body suit with fishnet detailing is ideal for those fashionistas who love to wear black during spring/summer ( Yes! We  know it's long sleeve! But thank the fashion gods for the fishnet detailing for providing a bit of fresh air for us ladies, phew!)

Look 3: I really love wearing crop top's on night outs as I don't really own many dresses , therefore by investing in a faux leather crop top to my collection it allows my night time look to be edgy and fashionable. I also love the shaping of the sleeves and the flared out concept paired with leather trousers. (P.S. Loving those shoes Nicole ) 

Black vs White
Now being a fashionista with 90% of her wardrobe consisting of black, I must say I prefer the white midi skirt! I feel that it captivates the body shapes, although this piece is quite simple with fishnet hem detailing the look can be styled up with a range of accessories and shoes.

The minimalist design concept this collection entails allows the use of decor fabrics and shaping to provide the stylish aesthetics for the looks. By tailoring the products to compliment the body shape serves as a benefit element to this collection, also the use of luxe fabrics like faux leather allows the outfit to feel and look fashionable.

I would like to finish on the note of saying Kudos Missguided for collaborating with one of the hottest women on the planet, providing us fashionistas with a hint of sex appeal into our wardrobes, now we can all feel and look as hot as Nicole Scherzinger.

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