Thursday 19 June 2014

Style Crush Thursday

Kylie Jenner
For those of you who follow me on Instagram you probably saw my #WCW last week, it was of course Miss California :  Kylie Jenner. I feel that she an uprising trendy star within young Hollywood, although she is under rated and seen in the shadows of her top model sister Kendall Jenner, I've been looking at her Tumblr and Instagram page and I L.O.V.E her style! She combines a twist of Tomboy + Rocker + Gypsy to create one heck of a stylish look!

She accessories her looks with unique body jewellery, as seen in the first photo above she creates an urban Californian vibe to her style and loves experimenting with different components such as feathers , heavy chains and choker necklaces. From working in Swarovski I've analysed that layering and stacking jewellery is a new accessories trend, many high street shops such as Pandora and Swarovski promote stacking necklaces in their ad campaigns. 
Kylie Jenner loves to wear choker necklaces made of different types of fabrics such as leather and strings combined with metal chains stacked up with silver jewellery - essential for the 'gypsy rock' styling trend. Shes one of the many styling fashion followers bringing back the 90's choker necklaces, I loved this style so much that I even bought myself one from Topshop! Another 90's favourite I have decided to invest in due to my style crush are Amulet necklaces, they are emerging as a lead style this summer. Classic 90's motifs such as ying yang and hamsa hand symbols strung on basic black leather.

Kylie Jenner has the most stylish quirky sunglasses on the west coast. Mirrored lenses remain the hottest trend for summer attire, as seen in the photos above Kylies' opted for highly reflective styles in vibrant pop colours. 

She has transformed her look from a conventional L.A brunette beauty to chopping it all off and dying it in mixes of blonde and turquoise. As much of a colourful twist that sounds like, she pulls the look off effortlessly with both casual and formal wear. It is undeniable that the Jenner evolution has subsequently produced one of the stylish members of the 21st century.

Kylie Jenner has transformed her look in the past few months, from being an average L.A teen as seen on the far left to the evolution of  a rising fashionista. She keeps her style quite personal and attains her tomboy / punk rocker girl even when it comes to red carpet events. One of my favourite stage looks from the MuchMusic Video Awards was her white & sky-blue jumpsuit, the black lining makes it rocker whilst the silky fabrics keeps the look classy. Another one of my favourite red carpet looks was the Alex Perry Chancey Dress that she wore at the Billboard Music Awards, pairing them with Christian Louboutin Impera Pumps.

Kylie Jenner is currently one of my favourite style icons, as she is still a young teenager experimenting with different trends, her style makes it relatable for other young fashionistas to experiment with different looks alternating from the classic fashion looks.

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