Monday 9 January 2017

Your One-Stop Luxury Destination

Feeling a little blue? Not to worry, I've got some great news that'll cheer you up. Ever wanted to buy a luxury designer bag but never had the budget for it? Don't worry I'm totally with you on that one sister, I've recently discovered Uncloset, a brand which allows you to shop designer bags from the likes of Chanel, YSL, Celine and Dior all for a monthly subscription fee.

The concept behind Uncloset is that in exchange for the monthly subscription you are able to select from a range of classic to trendy designer handbags. Not only that, but it gets better - throughout your membership you can swap your bags. Perfect?! So whatever the occasion: fashion week, dinner date or launch party you're totally covered. 

As a little January treat, I've received an exclusive promo code which lets you get£50 off your first subscription fee. Additionally, you'll get an extra £20 off the succeeding month. All you have to do is use code: UnclosetSK at the checkout to redeem this voucher. 

So what you waiting foh!?

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