Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Pursuit of Happiness

Today marks the return of my presence to the blogosphere and with it comes a fresh new perspective on life. In the next few months I will be writing a series of life-changing posts labelled The 2.4 guide on how to live the best life (for the now, and the future). So where did it all begin? 6 months ago, I was a point in life where I felt like I was in interstellar, looking at my life from a parallel universe. You know when you're  20-something and have a gazillion questions on your mind like:
"What have I achieved in life?" 
 "Am I being productive enough?" 
 "Is my life flat-lining?"

After taking time out to be with my thoughts,  it was apparent that I needed to clear a grey haze that had overcome certain aspects of my life. My acknowledging the causes of it, I was able to clear some head space in order to move forward and start a positive journey on living a fulfilled life.  Though I came to the conclusion that I won't have it all figured out, this is the stepping stone into starting on the right path. So here's what I've picked up so far on this journey of discovery:

With the time we have on this planet, you can either consume it with being a second-rate version of someone else. Or channel that energy into becoming the best version of yourself. (Just remember...confidence is key.)

The human mind is an extraordinary gift we have - nurture it by continuously learning / educating yourself and others on different cultures / view points.


It's never too late to pick up on that thing you were really good at when you were 13 - who knows it could be a future prospect calling?

Whilst it might be easier to replicated something that's out there in the world. Create something  unique and be proud of the work you create for its your footprint on the planet.

Many sit working on building upon other peoples dream which can result in living an unfulfilled life. It's the most rewarding feeling knowing you have something that is your own - take time out to develop your own personal brand. No matter how small - whether its baking / designing / DIY. Create something that has your signature and leave the planet with a piece of your legacy, because if you don't who else will?

Take time out to spread the love to those that matter the most to you. You don't know how far 1 kind thing a day can go!

No-one likes doing it, but if you want to spend longer on this beautiful planet you gotta do it. Eat healthy and exercises to push yourself to better each day.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Vintage Adidas

Shop my top 15 Vintage Adidas Sweatshirts here: http://rstyle.me/n/crcvmbbhgxf

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Pixil Petite

Sooo guys, it's finally launched! Super #GirlBoss & proud to say my good university friend, Leela Sule has officially started her new brand called Pixil Petite. The collection consists of a range of denim womenswear jackets, customised just for petite girls! Last week my gal pal Habba and I we're invited over to shoot the first collection for Pixil Petite. The shoot was based in East London and was filled with a whole lot of girl power / laughs and of course, doughnuts! 

If there's one thing I love about Pixil Petite, is that it solves all my petite girl problems! The stress when shopping, on finding certain products to fit my body shape can be extremely frustrating and also limit me to the amount of places I can shop. It's great to finally see & petite range of  jackets that ticks all the boxes for me. Not only did my Pixil Petite jacket fit perfectly but it was also was customised to my personal style. 

So it makes me super happy to announce the collection is now shoppable for you all! 

You can now shop all the looks here: 

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Summer (Dress)ing

One holiday day down & a handful more to go. So, if you're wondering what does one pack on a vacay to Bali. I've created a 3 series style diary on my top holiday packs. Whether you're climbing Mount Batur to lounging on Seminyak Beach, I've pin pointed the looks to keep you in check whilst on vacation.

As always, Revolve have released a summer line up that every girl will want on their wishlist. From ditsy floral ruffle dresses to sleek pom pom swimsuits, the L.A.-based brand is ready to stock your closet with the ultimate summer dress collection. One of my favourite brands on Revolve is Tularosa. They are a refined vintage-inspired collection of romantic flowy floral dresses designed for the free spirited.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Oversized Me

They say the bigger the better - and by that they were right. If you don't own an oversized sumin' sumin' by now, that's all about to change. Being a petite girl, I assumed this "massive" trend of everything being over-sized was a little too large for my wardrobe. However, after seeing a recent Missguided campaign, I decided to make an impulse purchase on this white oversized sweatshirt. Whilst browsing, I also came across these sleek silk pin stripe trousers. Cus' you know how it is - if you're gonna wear something OS you need to balance it all out with something a little figure hugging. Turns out this piece makes one hella' cool street style look, dontcha think?

Photography by Habba Heimisdottir

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