Wednesday 30 October 2013

Statement Necklaces

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In this post I will be exploring my new found love for statement necklaces and how I believe they can change any girls wardrobe from being basic to unique and stylish. Some may say this stand out piece is best matched with simple outfits, however if you're brave enough to experiment with prints and different texture, by all means test the limits of fashion! These pieces work well on those nights out where you have a cute black dress and you just don't know what necklace, earrings or bracelets you should wear. Statement necklaces provide a trendy twist to old classics. 

Bohemian statement necklace

When selecting bright coloured necklaces, think of using colours that will contrast with your outfit , providing a edgy high fashion look. The neon yellow necklace in the image above is a good example of turning a simple outfit into fashion chic, always be aware of what colours are in season and which aren't. ALWAYS remember to pick necklaces that will compliment your wardrobe, as much as we love testing the boundaries of fashion , there are certain NO NO's.

Boho bib silver necklace

If you're worried that you don't know what type of necklace matches what type of outfit, don't worry! Infuse yourself with classic silver or gold pieces,there are hundreds of amazing statement necklaces that can match every piece in your wardrobe.  Statement necklaces look perfect under button down tops like the image above, it perfectly fits in with the shapes providing a chic final look to the outfit.

Statement pieces are not just for those nights out when you wanna restyle an old outfit, it can be used on casual wear too! You can purchase smaller statement pieces that don't scream WOW!, like this cute floral crystal ribbon necklace seen as above, the ribbon keeps the necklace looking feminine and cute, and the decor is not as intense as you would expect a statement piece to be.

I believe statement necklaces are a helping hand to any fashionista, we've all had those moments where we open our wardrobe and complain :

1) I have nothing to wear
2) I don't like wearing the same thing twice
3) I've taken photos in this dress, how can I restyle it?
4) I want to be casual but have a bit of fashion edge
5) My outfit is too plain and none of my accessories match!!

Statement pieces solve the problem to all our fashion dilemmas ladies!!!

Have no fear for.....

Famous fashionistas are doing it too!!!
Elite fashionista Olivia Palermo loves restyling her wardrobe with timeless statement necklaces, she has even enlightened us on a new DIY tip, she enjoys the layering method where she uses different necklaces together to fuse together an overall high fashion piece. I think it's time we dig out those tween cute necklaces and put it to the test!

Check out her top tips on layering at:

Overall statement necklaces are the answer to some of our fashion woes, finding the perfect piece is up to your personal style and neckline. It's guaranteed to vamp up your wardrobe and create a fresh look. Instead of spending £5 every other week on those basic cute necklaces which end up hiding in the back of your dresser drawer, spend the extra £10 and invest in a few statement necklaces which are affordable and keep you looking on trend. I highly recommend checking out Topshop & Zara as they have amazing collections. I hope this has inspired fashionistas around the world to invest in this ultra chic fashion piece :D 

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