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So.... I was thinking today on how much my life has changed since I first stepped foot into nursery; because that's where it all began right?

Since I was a little girl I have fazed through a multitude of aspirations I wanted to achieve in life, from being a football player to a police officer to now settling on being a successful fashion entrepreneur. I must say it's been a long hard road to reaching my dreams and I'm still not there yet. I felt the need to express how much I want this goal in life as a reminder to not give up in what you're passionate about.

The first time I remember wanting to work in the fashion industry was when I sitting in my living room one Saturday morning watching an episode of The Hills (So cliche, I know) Seeing young girls wanting to make it big in the industry, working hard and playing harder made me think. Maybe this is the life for me? Seeing them grow as adults on a TV show encouraged me to work hard in everything I do. I remember watching Whitney's big move to working at peoples revolution and the infamous Kelly Cutrone saying "You're basically making a deal with the devil." At first I was terrified that this is what the fashion industry consisted of, cut throat competition. However I learnt that Whitney was a humble down to earth girl who just wanted to enhance her skills and show her capability in the industry. As both her and Lauren worked together with various designers and brands inspired me to think that I wanted to be there one day.

I felt this was an industry I would fit well in, I loved the fast paced ethos of experiencing highs and lows and being pushed to the limits only to better yourself the next time. Seeing Whitney Port moving out of LA to the big city and landing a job at Bergdorf Goodman showed me that anything is possible if you work extremely hard for it. She was now working along side Olivia Palermo (NYC fashion socialite) I had noted that Whitney had spent so long interning at teen vogue and peoples revolution combined with working hard academically. Her gaining experience and contacts influenced her to always strive forward in life and she now has her own label and blog.

In regards to my life I decided to put pen to paper and make it happen, could I actually live this fashion forward life and be successful? During my GCSE's I had an amazing textiles teacher (Ms Risku) she inspired me on a day to day basis to test my boundaries and be motivated in what I do. I loved that even as a teacher she had faith in my as though I was her child and she wanted me to succeed as much as I did. 

This led to me wanting to be the unique student, so there I was with my big a3 folder, feeling like a classy art student, week in week out coming up with new ideas, testing and experimenting with fabrics, staying in after school just to learn new skills regarding textiles. I would go in during the summer holidays and Ms Risku would teach me how to make pattern pieces and how to adapt them. I slowly started putting the pieces together that perhaps I was passionate about fashion. How I was going to tell my mother this was a different story!!!

Throughout my GCSE project my teachers were so impressed with my unique ideas, I hand stitched over 200 hand made sequins (Yes, I made sequins from scratch) to be used for my dragon print (fashion neek) In the end I achieved an A for my exam and project which was highly rewarding and boosted my confidence.

On my last day of secondary school I asked my favourite teacher to sign my year book in which she wrote:

Dear Seema,

You are definitley the brightest girl in the whole class- you will go far in life whatever you decide to do.... Best wishes for the future.

It was quite sad leaving one of the best teachers I ever had behind, however I knew she was moving to Sweden with her husband to live a better life, she told me to always remain passionate about fashion no matter where life takes me and that I should always push to succeed no matter what.

Knowing this motivated me to pick Textiles as an A level subject, throughout first year I had based my project on Lady gaga which  made be even more motivated in creating something new and diverse, my teachers and fellow peer were quite surprised that I was so different from the norm, being an external student within the sixth form had its perks. Throughout my academic years in sixth form my skills and presentations skills had enhances, I subsequently gained a passion for drawing and art work. As the stress started to pile up I started feeling demotivated during second year as I had so many exams and so much course work, however I remained persistent in ensuring that my work was to its best standard. Inevitably I broke it to my parents that fashion was the career path I wanted to pursue with. They suggested that I combined my intelligence of business and economics with my passion to ensure that I would have a safety net to fall back on if things don't work out.

Now I am currently a second year student at one of the best fashion schools in the world (London College of Fashion) As every first year student does, I got overwhelmed with the freedom and parties however always kept to heart that this wasn't just a career choice but a life style for me. 

I am now applying for a placement year in NYC which has been my soul ultimate goal in life. I have traveled there before and let me tell you, it felt like home. I loved living in the big city. The fashion, the life style, the atmosphere. I then knew that this was the place I would have to return to, to accomplish my dreams.

Through watching shows like sex and the city and gossip girl as a young teenager had me hoping that this was the land of dreams and let me tell you this, when I stepped out of the taxi arriving at my hotel it was nothing less! The tall skyscrapers, bright lights. This indeed was a concrete jungle where dreams are made from (8)

 As I went sightseeing I had a little thinking time as I was on top of the empire state building, would I return back? Is this where I want to be in life? Yes...yes....and....errr..YES! I felt as though I had worked very hard up until this point in life and that I was ever so close to achieving my life goals

As a young inspired girl I felt that NYC is where my heart belongs.  I wanted to live the Blair Waldorf city high life. I wanted to experience the fashion, opportunities and culture. It's one thing sitting at home watching the shows on your television and another actually living and breathing the air they do. Throughout watching gossip girl I was excited by the atmosphere and vibe that NYC brought. I understand I have a long way to go in regarding this "high life" and "glamorous" lifestyle, but a girls can dream! I remember admiring all the luxurious extravagant garments on the show and using them as motivation that if I be pro active and work towards my dreams, one day I will be able to live this life style I once watched on TV as a young girl.

I am now leaving this blog post as a reminder and a note to self that in the future I will return to where my heart desires it t be. New York City is at arms reach right now and I aim to work my hardest in succeeding to get there. Some day in the future fellow readers, you will see me posting about my New York high life and when that happens, I'll earn the right to tell everyone...."I made it."

See you soon

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