Wednesday 6 November 2013

L.A. Girl

Ever scrolled through blogs and though to yourself  "I wish I could pull off those looks!"...JOIN THE CREW! I'm here to give you a helping hand on how to pull off one of the toughest and bravest looks in fashion. 

Meet the 



Name: Sarah
Occuptation: Artist/ Actress
Location: LDN/ LA

Whilst being friends with Sarah for the past 9 years, I have admired her creativity and amazing talent for the theatrical arts it always made me curious on how and what influenced her to be so innovative when it comes to her choices regarding fashion. I would sometimes ponder on how she decided on her outfits. I was amazed on how she never followed fashion trends yet remained looking amazing all the time! So I decided upon my self to ask her for her top styling tips and how she braved upon creating her personal unique style

Key concepts:

1) Don't shop in one place, it restricts your wardrobe and styles There is a large pool of fashion shops in the world available to you, explore them! 

2) Be open to exploring the eCommerce fashion world ! The online market is fantastic as new designers are emerging on social media sites such as tumblr, blogger, ASOS etc.

Check out:

Lazy Oaf is a London based fashion label, who provide colourful cartoon focused collections that will guarantee to make you smile! They provide unique pieces that you won't be able to find on high street!

3)Experiment with wearing bright colours and fun patterns, it'll not only make you look good but make you feel good too! (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY)

4) Be inspired by everyone around you! There are always new styles and trends to explore, life is too short to stick to the same old boring norm! There's always room in your wardrobe to trial and error with new fashion styles, who knows you might even love it!

5) Always add you own personal essence to your wardrobe, as much as I'm telling you to dare yourself to create a new styles. Remember to always be you!

6) Mix prints and patterns, it's a start to being a trend setter, if we always follow the industry norms we will be fashion robots and see people wearing the same kind of styles! Be fun and experiment with print clashes and colours! If you don't who else will!

S'S 14 forecast have shown that printed sweatshirts and tops will be on trend, they have been transformed by using graphical experimentation via bright colours and kaleidoscopic print. Watch out for these on the high street!

For inspiration 
Check out: Moss at Agenda spring/summer 2014

7) Sometimes it's fun to endeavor not following high street trends. A lot of styles in modern societies have trickled up from street wear to designers. Your style could be the next big thing! 

8) As much as we love to read blogs and fashion magazines we have to remember everyone is individual and different to one another, DO NOT copy someones style, the appearance will always vary from person to person! However be inspired and add your own personal twist to the styles you've observed, it will encourage you to be an innovative fashionista!

9) Wear what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel the most like you.

10) Lastly be confident in wearing these outfits, if you're worried what people will think it will reflect by your body language and facial expressions! Its always good to carry a positive attitude when trying new things!

For more fashion photos and style advice feel free to follow Sarah on Twitter & Instagram:


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