Saturday 15 February 2014

Snippets from NYFW

Marc by Marc Jacobs

AW'14 collection at #NYFW

The best of British Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley debut their work of art for Marc by Marc Jacobs,by providing an exciting diverse dimension to fashion where BMX meets runway. The atmosphere created at this catwalk was immense, from the fierce models strutting, to the dirt bike track of a runway. This was one of the most highly-anticipated show of New York Fashion Week.

Meet the elite skater girls of AW'14, sneakers and snow boots at your ready girls, prepare to experience the sports of fashion.

These "mean models" showcased a ferocious collection of vibrant pieces,  by layering polo necks, sweat shirts, jumpsuits, dresses and heavy belts. - (So Fetch!) The use of logos such as "Revolution" & " Bunny Hop" kept the collection innovative and catered to the taste buds of a younger market.  I believe this collection is youthful and innovative, it's a good step into a successful future for Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Lets not forget about the Sports Deluxe trend of SS'14 which seems to be emerging into AW'14. The basic pattern pieces from SS'14 are being adapted through different uses of embellishments and decorative techniques, also the colour schemes are a lot harsher, using bright reds, electric blues and a lot of metallic providing a ultra-glam feel.

Layering is currently a dominant trend, not just in regards to clothes in fashion but also jewellery..I've experienced from working at Swarovski that this season is all about getting the layered look. Create head-turning looks from subtle to extravagant by layering jewellery in multiple combinations of short and long, classic and contemporary. I believe this can relate to a fashionista's wardrobe too.
 Here's a tip that us fashionista's might want to adopt into our wardrobe, from observing this collection, by using basic pieces such as simple polo necks, layered by a shirt/dress along side a baggy jacket, might seem over the top but if these models can work it, so can you! I'd say start investing in some sports inspired attire, as you'll be able to scavenge through your wardrobe for a few long lost gems and be able to mix and match to create a lavishing winter look.

Brands are pushing key items such as masculine coats and trousers providing a boyfriend-style silhouettes, which for some fashionista's quenches their taste buds. But for those fashionista's who prefer to look more feminine, don't feel threatened by these trends as you can simply style up these outfits with thick belts and colourful fabrics to provide a hint of femininity to your outfit.

 I remember I was 13 years old, my parents told me to be more "girly" and to stop wearing " baggy t-shirts and trousers". Well hey ma! Check out the girls on the runway too! I was born to be a trend setter! 13 year old me, would be so proud to see my old wardrobe be on the runway! ;)

"... Who said fashion had to be girly?"

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