Thursday 22 January 2015

Style & Power : Amal Clooney

"Behind every successful woman is herself"

Amal Clooney, 36 is an inspiration to all women around the world. As a successful international human rights lawyer, whom has impeccable style, it's undeniable that the new Mrs Clooney has every event executed perfectly with her polished look and intellectual conversation. From her greatest law achievements and her modesty she is a great role model for other women both academically and fashionably. We all aspire to be independent smart women with a stylish wardrobe to compliment it and here is one leading lady to follow.

It's undeniable that sometimes women can find it hard to incorporate fashion into their business wardrobe, however as a successful lawyer, Amal Clooney proves that simplicity is the way to go. She alternates her looks with different cuts and shapes, the dresses she chooses range from structured to flowing. As seen above, Amal was seen all pretty in pink wearing a bow-adorned frock with matching raspberry and violet pumps, - this dress shape differ to the white mini skate dress as seen on the far right.

By day she is a lawyer, activist and author,  however she knows how to alternate her styles between work attire and casual wear. Many women struggle to find the balance between, smart and casual as after a while it all gets morphed into one look. As seen on the far left, Amal works a lacy white crop top with floral print jeans, perfect for a summer afternoon out in London. My personal favourite street style look is Amal in the mustard leather jacket with baggy floral trousers. As we are so used to her working the neutral tones with her business wardrobe, its good to know that she differentiates the two by adding a splash of colour to her casual wardrobe. 

Overall my favourite Amal Clooney look was the beautiful +Stella McCartney 
 suit she wore at her civil wedding. Women usually go over the top when it comes to weddings, however Amal opted for a more of a minimalist look, by wearing a ivory and navy top matched with the wide brimmed hat paired with ivory pants and a neutral clutch. The simplicity of the outfit creates a high end chic look.

As one of London's most powerful women, Amal Alamuddin Clooney has established herself in both the courtroom and out. As an inspirational role model, it is clear that her style is as extraordinary as her career.

Comment below your favourite Amal Clooney style moments :)

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  1. Totally in love with her style, she is the definition of French elegance!

  2. I wonder what it's like to marry someone and suddenly start being followed by the paparazzi...must be tough! Good thing she's always looking so good! I don't think she has a choice now...
    Great post!


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