Sunday 3 May 2015


This post will be on some of my favourite make up products. My makeup bag consists of a range of branded products ranging from drug store to department store! I believe it's essential to experiment with brands to find what suits you best, sometimes buying your entire make up  bag from one store can lead to you not achieving the look you want.
So let's get started, my daily facial essential consist of +MAC Cosmetics foundation, concealer and powder. When I first went to the Mac store, I informed them that I always had a problem with finding the perfect foundation. As with other brands I would trial products and they would either 1. Be too pink on my skin 2. Make my face look cakey or 3. Not provide any coverage. The makeup artist then told me that I needed more of a yellow under tone foundation to compliment my skin tone. I then realised that most stores have a selected range of foundation colours which meant that I was always buying products that didn't specifically match my skin tone, where as Mac had a range which catered to a diverse range of skin colour.

Moving onto the eyes, I love creating a winged cat eye look everyday! Therefore when I look for eye liners I try to find the ones that are less glossy and more matte based. I found the perfect eye liner in New York by a brand called Elf, they have super affordable and long lasting make up. I also can't go a day without wearing mascara to match my cat eyes, so I use a Mac mascara which I kindly received from a friend of mine, now I believe when it comes to mascara, the brand doesn't matter, you essentially need a great eye lash curler to get the job done. I have used a range of mascaras from +RimmelLondon , +MaxfactorUK  and those random freebies you get inside magazines. It's all about the application, I try to apply it to every single lash evenly so it doesn't clump (it's a time consuming method but it has to be done!)

I also searched in New York City for the right shade of pink lipstick for myself, as having quite a yellow/olive based skin tone it can be tricky to find a shade that matches. I usually end up buying something thats too light for my skin or too neon that I can't wear everyday. However +NARS Cosmetics had the perfect shade called "Pigalle" - it has a hint of peach which doesn't make it look as nude or neon on my lips.

Growing up and wearing make up has made me realise, I needed to upgrade my make up brushes because the source of application can make all the difference. I received these amazing brushes during London Fashion Week. My favourite is the brush with a beauty blender attached, its the most useful tool in my make up bag, it creates a flawless look for both foundation and concealer.

+Urban Decay Cosmetics create a range of beautiful eye shadow palettes, I particularly love using the "Naked II" this is because I don't like applying too much colour to my eyes, as I already have green eyes! I love this palette because its neutral and you can layer different colours to create different looks for both day and evening!

I've also started to look into other brands such as Laura Mercier, as working at Jenny Packham the brand is one of it's biggest sponsors. I love the natural looks that Talia Sparrow (leading Laura Mercier Makeup Artist) creates for the ready to wear runways and therefore I decided to invest in Laura Mercier products.

I was also fortunate enough to receive some freebies from work; the Laura Mercier primer is great for spring as it adds a lovely shimmer to my daily make up. Also the Essie nail polish came in handy as it's the perfect peach colour to match any outfit! Lastly I am in love with this leave in conditioner by +Unite Hair Care it leaves a lasting silk finish to my hair!

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