Monday 14 December 2015

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan
If I had to select my favourite source for beauty inspiration it would most definitely be Huda Beauty. It all started when I came across one of her eye liner tutorials on YouTube. After watching one tutorial I was evidently hooked. It was surprising to me as I was never really a person that could sit on YouTube for hours watching makeup tutorials. However I clearly made an exception for Huda Beauty as I loved how relatable she was! It was great to finally see a successful Asian beauty blogger sharing her insider tips and secrets, as I personally always found it hard to relate to many beauty Youtubers because the techniques and advice they would offer were sometimes only suitable for certain skin tones. Huda recently stated in a Grazia UK interview that she was "inspired by the lack of gurus in the Middle East. Being from the States I thought I could maybe combine Eastern and Western beauty and offer something different." Ever since then I have been following her social accounts religiously and have learnt the trades to creating flawless looks.

About the brand

Huda Beauty is a Dubai based beauty brand created by the Kattan sisters (Alya, Huda & Mona). The sisters initially had careers in finance and investment banking before switching to beauty. Alya, the oldest sister is the social media guru, Huda, the middle sister is the face and make up artist of the brand and the youngest sister Mona is head of business development. The sisters each built their careers with hard work leading Huda Beauty to being one of the top 10 beauty bloggers in the world. 

From witnessing her product line being featured on celebrities on Instagram and following her YouTube channel, I knew I had to see for myself how good they were! Therefore when I traveled to Dubai I made it an essential stop on the travel itinerary to go to Sephora in the Dubai Mall to purchase a pair of Huda Beauty Lashes. To this day I can swear that its the best eye lash brand I have ever invested in. And for those of you who would love to try it here in the UK they are now available to purchase on Cult Beauty.

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