Sunday, 16 October 2016

Style Muse: Olivia Palermo


If I had to select a style muse, it would most definitely be Olivia Palermo. Since appearing on The City, I have religiously followed her blog and taken style cues accordingly. If there's one woman I could trade wardrobes with on this planet, without a doubt it would be her. One of the many reasons why I love Olivia Palermo is because she is not your conventional fashionista as she has a unique take on styling. Most recently, when attending London Fashion Week she ventured out by wearing a pair of ZARA tracksuit bottoms paired with a ruffled sheer blouse layered underneath a sleeveless sweater. 

If there's one thing I love about her is her ability to create edgy high end looks from high street pieces. As seen above, during London Fashion Week, she styled a head-to-toe ZARA outfit. She opted for tailored pieces, like these flared buttoned trousers and styled them creatively with an oversized half tucked shirt. To complete the look she layered an orange waterfall trench. When it comes to her high street edit, Olivia has an eye for contemporary cuts and loves to layer these pieces together to form one desirable outfit.

One of the best styling trick I've learnt from Olivia Palermo is to be free spirited when it comes to mixing patterns. I love this striped co-ord she wore at Paris Fashion Week. Typically, you wouldn't think mixing two different forms of stripes together, however Olivia opted for two contrasting forms of stripes and to complete her look she wore an embroidered blazer thrown over the shoulders. 

As my style icon, Olivia Palermo has introduced me to the latest labels to invest in, and works as my go-to style adviser whenever I'm unsure about testing those casual trends. I would highly recommend adding her to your Instagram feed ASAP. 

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