Thursday 4 September 2014

The City

I recently got the chance to go on a midday to night boat cruise with LIM College, it's one of the highlights of my trip so far. Not only did we get free food (haha) we got to see the City from the Hudson River.  Watching the views were breath taking, the concrete jungle lit up slowly as the sunset.

So far life in the city is pretty much like living the dream, sometime's I have to pinch my self to know that I am actually living the life in one of the worlds best cities. There is just so much to do here, trying to balance out all the touristy sites through each week so that I get to explore more of the city life. I even got myself a NYC Library card the other day (Geek Mode)
Through travelling in the city , I have realised there is still so much to explore and I realised this is just the beginning of a great adventure. The one thing that is easy about living in this city is how they have avenues and street numbers, back at home I'd probably spend at least 70% of my life on google maps trying to figure out a way to get to places, but in NYC you pick up on going uptown and downtown and everything is pretty much a working grid.
So far the city life is going great and I can't wait to keep you all posted on my adventures. Hope you enjoyed the photos !

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